Edge of the Empire

Session 101

Escape From Mos Shuuta

Note to Players: I have taken the liberty of writing down my interpretation of how Galen and Qitrina escaped from Mos Shuuta. This is a collaborative document so feel free to add your own notes so we can get your characters perspective on things. I will type my entries in black and sign them as '—GM', please choose your own color text and sign it as your character. —GM

Premise: Galen and Qitrina run afoul of the local crime boss Teemo the Hutt and must escape Mos Shuuta by stealing the Krayt Fang, a freighter owned by the bounty hunter Trex. —GM

Backstory: Galen Jarek (Mandalorian Hired Gun: Mercenary) and Qitrina (Twi'lek Bounty Hunter: Assassin) have been working for Teemo in the tiny spaceport of Mos Shuuta, Tatooine for about a month. Qitrina is here undercover so she can learn all she can about the Hutt underworld. She ultimately wants to locate her sister, who was sold by slavers to an unknown Hutt. 

Qitrina befriended Galen and the two set about slicing into Teemo's private files to see what they could learn. They found an encrypted file of seeming importance and downloaded it to Qitrina's datapad. As they were doing this, they were discovered by the guards and had to flee the palace to the streets of Mos Shuuta.  —GM

Location: Mos Shuuta, Tatooine. A small spaceport that sits atop a plateau in the middle of the Dune Sea. Governed by Teemo the Hutt.

Encounter One: A group of Teemo's Gamorrean guards chased the renegades into the local cantina. Qitrina pretended to be a dancer and Galen bribed the Devaronian bartender and hid behind the counter. The Gamorreans went away frustrated except for one who sat at the bar. Galen mixed him a potent brew and he collapsed to the floor.

The sympathetic bartender, no friend to Teemo, told the renegades they could steal the Krayt Fang, a freighter that had just landed at the spaceport for repairs to its hyperdrive. The catch is they have to fix the ship and steal it from under it's owner Trex, a Trandoshan bounty hunter. —GM

Encounter Two: The renegades went to the nearby Junk Yard to acquire the needed part to fix the ship, a hypermatter reactor igniter (HMRI). The owner Varn is a surly man who had kicked his gonk droid when the players pulled up. He was reluctant to sell the part to them because he had promised it to Trex, however he changed his tune when the party threatened him. He begrudginly sold the part for only one credit more than he would hae sold it to Trex. —GM

Encounter Three: The Gamorreans they evaded in the cantina caught up to them below the water tower in the center of town. A fight ensued in which the party destroyed the water tower sending debris and water onto the guards and incapacitating two while the third fled.

The party stood there trying to make plans when they saw more Gamoreans appraoching from the direction of the space port. They then fled into the opposite direction to Offworld Traders. —GM

Encounter Four: OffWorld Traders sells imported goods from around the Rim, everything from fine fabrics and clothes. The owner recognized and greeted Qitrina, though the two have never officially met. The party decided to buy disguises from him to help them move stealthily about town. He offered them fine clothes which they rejected for some burlap bags that they made cloaks out of. He refused to charge them for the bags.

As they chatted with the owner, they heard the roar of a spacecraft landing in the nearby Docking Bay Aurek. From a distance they see an Imperial Shuttle land in the bay. This is unusual as the Imperials and the Hutts have no love for each other. Fortunately they have to get to Docking Bay Besh at the other end of town. —GM

Encounter Five: Wrapped in their cloaks they sneak past a group of Gamorean guards attempting repairs on the still leaking water tower.
They come to a security droid guarding Docking Bay Besh who will not let them in, so they sneak into a nearby warehouse and come to the backdoor of the Docking Bay. One of them scales the walls and opens the door from the inside. —GM

Encounter Six: The party approaches the loading ramp of the YT-1300 Corellian stock light freigher the Krayt Fang and are created by two security droids. Attempts at diplomacy fail and Trex comes down the loading ramp. Qitrina attempts her flirty female Twilik Schtick but it doesn't work and a battle ensues.

They destroy one droid and disable another. Trex fires a his blaster and gives Qitrina a Critical Wound to her face. She returns the compliment with her own Critical Wound to his face.

After Trex goes down, the party installs the HMRI into the hyperdrive and then entersthe Control Room to release the docking clamps. As they finish this two stormtroopers show up with a tripod and a very large blaster cannon. (Why are they interested in the party?) The party grabs the disabled droid and the body of Trex, and close  the door as the troopers begin to open fire.

Qitrina stuffs Trex into Cargo Hold Three while Galen lifts off out of the spaceport, the troopers blaster cannon barely missing. —GM

Encounter Seven: As they break atmosphere, two TIE fighters engage the Fang. Galen lines up some shots for Qitrina, who has taken the dorsal gunners position. Fire is exchanged and Qitrina blasts one out of the sky. Galen does an astrogation check and discovers that the Geonosis and Ryloth are close by and prepares to make a jump. As Qitrina blasts the second TIE, Galen tells her the options and she tells him to punch it to Ryloth. She thinks Geonosis unwise for some reason. —GM

Clues: In this section the players should write down anything that they find mysterious that they want to remember later.

What were the Imperials doing in Mos Shuuta? 

Why were the stormtroopers after the party?




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